Realizing success doesn't mean doing everything right. You learn from mistakes, too.

Jarrod Carter: Origin Forensics LLC

“It all started with the simple statement, “I help businesses get un-stuck!” That was Ted’s reply to me when I asked him what he did for a living when we first met. In reality, getting my buiness “un-stuck” is exactly what Ted has helped me to do. In a mere few months I have gone from despairing at the prospect that my business was running me, to feeling like I could see myself running my business. The transition has been difficult, if not daunting at times, but the struggles pale in comparison to the rewards reaped thus far, and they seem insignificant compared to the success I now see ahead. I would encourage anyone considering the step of faith that I took to ask themselves, “is my business stuck?” If the answer is yes, bring Ted on board. You won’t regret it.”

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Emily Countryman: Ideal Wellness

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Sam Pearson: SCS Delivery, Inc.

“We have been getting business coaching from Ted for several months now. His coaching has opened many doors and has given us a better understanding of our business. He has helped us understand many of the accounting aspects of our business and continually finds ways for us to improve our numbers. He not only suggests ways for us to improve our business, he holds us accountable for not performing up to our standards. He has helped us in several different areas of our business from sales and client relations, to learning the best ways to lead and get along with our employees. Ted has been a valuable asset in our battle to grow and become the buiness we want to be.”

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Andy Dentone: Well Dressed Walrus

“My name is Andy, and I’ve owned a website design and development business since 2003. I was plugging away and thought I was doing fairly well. That is until I started working with Coach Ted. His specific advice and dedicated guidance has helped me propel my business to new financial heights allowing me to more than double my income in just 5 months. Meeting regularly with Coach Ted has more than paid for itself and my business is growing faster and stronger than I ever imagined possible. I am committed to seeing how far we can take the business and I’m excited and confident with Coach Ted by my side. Thanks Coach Ted!”


Jennifer Ferrero: SwitchUp Web & Marketing

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