ActionCLUB: January 2020
ActionCLUB | ActionCOACH Business Coaching of the Inland Northwest | Spokane, Washington |

Event Overview

ActionCOACH Business Coaching of the Inland Northwest


Develop knowledge that you can use today to improve your business

  1. Achieve more by improving your priority setting and time management skills 
  2. Define your unique selling proposition and turn it into a powerful, competitive tool 
  3. Dramatically increase your lead generation and conversion skills 
  4. Develop raving fans out of your customers 
  5. Significantly increase cashflow and profit margins 
  6. Hire, develop and retain the best people 
  7. Create systems that allow the business to run without you
  8. Learn from your peers in the course (aka other business owners) and make connections

Registration fee

Total cost: $975, billed in three equal payments

  • Payment #1: $325 (before class begins on January 16, 2020)
  • Payment #2: $325 (mid-point, March 2, 2020)
  • Payment #3: $325 (before conclusion, April 6, 2020) 


Session #1: January 16, 2020 – Goal setting, planning for the future

Session #2: January 30, 2020 – Understanding your financials and profitability 

Session #3: February 13, 2020 – Mindset, defining customers, unique sales proposition 

Session #4: February 27, 2020 – Sales, marketing, customer audit 

Session #5: March 12, 2020 – Developing systems, teams, time, core values, organizational charts

Session #6: March 26, 2020 – Owner values and vision, life goals 

Session #7: April 9, 2020 – Customer service and completion celebration 

About ActionCOACH Business Coaching of the Inland Northwest

Do you own a business? If so, join us for practical business training to build a successful company in 2020. ActionCLUB is a program that builds a strong business foundation. We use ActionCOACH curriculum which provides solid business fundamentals in a recurring a workshop-style course. Join us for seven 2-hour sessions, meeting every two weeks. You’ll discover ways to work smarter so that you can work less, while earning more. Meets 3-5 p.m. Thursdays.

Ticket Information

  • Ticket Price: $975 (3 payments of $325)
  • #paid

When & Where

  • From:Jan 16, 2020,3:00 PM
  • To:Apr 9, 2020,5:00 PM
  • Location: ActionCOACH Office of Ted Schmidt

    104 S Freya St, Ste 314 Orange Flag Bldg, 99202, Spokane, Washington.

Registration End Date

  • Jan 16, 2020,12:00 am

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