What are the key steps of a coaching program? 

When you want to see change in your business – and hope to achieve business goals, you will want to follow this process. You will need to be prepared to spend some time working on your business, in addition to working with your coach.

  1. Mastery – “Creating a commercial enterprise…” – making sure your business is delivering profitability, productivity, and eliminating chaos in the business. 
  2. Niche – “Creating a commercial, profitable enterprise…” – Niche is about marketing and what sets you apart in the marketplace.
  3. Leverage – “Creating a commercial, profitable enterprise that works…” Leverage is about implementing systems and controlling effects of supply and demand, ensuring quality, and increasing profitability. 
  4. Team – Creating a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you…” During this time you create a team that ensures everyone is doing the right thing at the right time.
  5. Synergy – This is where you start to have freedom as a business owner. You direct a General Manager to run your business and you focus on working on the business, not “in” the business. 
  6. Results – Invest your time and money during this stage – Turn over the operations to others and become a full-time investor in the business and its success. 

How much does business coaching cost, and what is the value? 

Jennifer Ferrero, APR, DTM
About the author,

Jennifer has been a business owner in several companies within the marketing, communications and public relations arena serving hundreds of clients over a 24 year career. She serves as a Business Development Manager for ActionCOACH Northwest and helps other business owners to grow and be successful through coaching and training programs.

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