Ted Schmidt, pictured far right, is a leading business coach. Here he is with a team of winning clients at an ActionCOACH conference.

Ted Schmidt – Premium Practice Owner, Award Winning Business and Executive Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Coach Bio – Meet Coach Ted Schmidt. With his passion for business and his innate entrepreneurial instincts, it’s no surprise that Ted is a natural-born business coach. As a business owner himself for 30 years, he has parlayed that knowledge and experience in to helping other owners like you have the lifestyle you so deserve. That means having a successful business which leads to a successful and fulfilling life.

Ted started coaching in 2010, and since that time he has helped a multitude of business owners realize success in more than 70 different industries. These industries have included businesses with up to $100 million in revenue, and in excess of 100 employees. Not only has Ted guided for-profit businesses, but his coaching has also helped non-profit entities reach their full potential.

People seek out coaching for a variety of reasons, but they all have one thing in common. Like you, they want to make improvements that will get them to the next level in their business. A level where they make more money than ever before and work less hours. And Coach Ted can help you do that. He will get to know you and your business, and by working WITH you, he will show you how to make what you thought impossible, possible. A few of the successes other business owners have experienced include:

  • Turnaround of net profit of more than $900,000 in 18 months;
  • Increase in revenues of more than $3 million in 3 years;
  • From zero net profit to more than $100,000 in 12 months;
  • Going from working 80+ hours a week to 10 or less in 3 years;
  • Building and developing their business to be able to sell in 3 years.

It’s no accident that Coach Ted has clients continuing in his coaching program after 5 plus years. They have learned to build their teams, put systems in place, and structure a business that runs successfully without them. Is that your ultimate goal as well? Ted’s ultimate goal is to help you achieve your dreams, and live the lifestyle you desire.


  • Dale Carnegie Course- Effective Speaking and Human Relations
  • Michelle Church- Executive Coach Training
  • Marshall Goldsmith- Executive Coaching and Leadership Training
  • Darren Hardy- Insane Productive Course
  • Michael Losier- Law of Attraction Course
  • Brad Sugars- $100 Strategy Week Course
  • Coach Award- Most Community Impact
  • Coach Award- Assessments 24 x 7
  • Valley Chamber- Ambassador of the Year
  • Client Award- Most Innovative Company
  • Client Award- Best Retailer



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