By Adam Chronister, guest blogger

Technology in business is a must-have. There isn’t a way around it anymore. There’s a reason why October is Cyber Security Month. If it’s a big enough deal to have a month dedicated to it, it’s big enough to worry about in business. Computers, websites, data management, all these things are integral to modern business. It’s also not a static thing, the technology is always changing, and every business has to adapt as they go. The technological landscape, while always shifting, makes a huge impact on productivity, marketing, and how we collaborate. Businesses, no matter the size, can’t be bogged down in trying to keep up with the ever-changing tech. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable and efficient IT solution. It’s the only way to survive and thrive.

An IT service that is both reputable and competent can offer solutions that keep your business safe and secure. Below are some perks and advantages to working with a professional IT service provider that applies to any business today.

1. Save Money

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your IT tasks and responsibilities to a dedicated service provider is that you get to save a lot of money. Working with an IT provider essentially helps you to:

● Lower IT Budgets and Expenditures
● Conserve Business Capital
● Lower Operational Costs

Most IT service providers operate on a subscription or contractual basis. This means that a client can choose when to enlist their help and only pay for services rendered. This is a cost-effective solution when compared to running and funding a fully-fledged in-house IT department within your business.

2. Save Time

Managing IT tasks and responsibilities can be a time-consuming affair. Imagine having to deal with hardware, and software installations, managing databases, troubleshooting IT problems and setting up networking systems while still running other aspects of your business. It’s almost impossible right? Indeed, you don’t have to struggle trying to juggle all these responsibilities when you can hire a dedicated IT service provider to help you out.

Outsourcing can help you save time. Your employees’ focus can be redirected from dealing with routine IT tasks to working on key projects that are important to your business.

3. Improve Client and Supplier Management

The two most important parties to a business are its clients/customers and its vendors/suppliers. You cannot sustain a business without customers. And, you cannot sell products that you don’t have. Creating healthy and sustainable relationships with customers and suppliers is crucial to running a successful business. Technology can greatly assist with both client and supplier relations and management.

An IT service provider can help you set up the necessary systems and automated process required to coordinate with suppliers and handle customer orders and requests.

4. Enhanced Security

According to the Better Business Bureau, majority of businesses do not have the necessary skills and resources to protect themselves against malicious cyber attacks. Luckily, an IT provider can help you safeguard your business against such threats

When you work with Intrinium all your technical IT needs will be met. All your devices and apps will be updated as required. We’ll also check to ensure that all IT processes are running smoothly and efficiently. We will also help you install new systems as well as scale existing systems to fit your ever-growing needs.

Navigate Thriving

These 4 advantages to working with a professional IT provider applies to any business. Instead of trying to navigate a landscape that is constantly changing, adding another field of study to your plate, work with someone who can bring these things to your business.

● Saving money
● Saving time
● Improving client and supplier management
● Enhanced security

All businesses need these elements to remain in business. Part of owning a company is knowing when to delegate and to assign those tasks to competent people. There is no difference with an IT provider. You find a reputable and professional IT service, delegate, and you have a road map to navigate technology to work for you. Run your company, and let IT help you run it more efficiently.


Jennifer Ferrero, APR, DTM
About the author,

Jennifer has been a business owner in several companies within the marketing, communications and public relations arena serving hundreds of clients over a 24 year career. She serves as a Business Development Manager for ActionCOACH Northwest and helps other business owners to grow and be successful through coaching and training programs.

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