One Snappy Couple

Meet Bob and Erica Jacobs, owners of Jacobs Photography and learn how business coaching has helped their small business.

By Jennifer Ferrero, APR, DTM 

Jacobs Photography was started five years ago by husband/wife team, Bob and Erica. Bob had experience working with Leo’s Photography conducting school photography which Erica said was a rapid fire crash course in portrait photography.

Erica has a business degree, but became interested in photography when she learned about Bob’s technical photography skills in lighting.

The couple conducts weddings together on the weekends, and then Erica runs the business Monday – Friday.

They provide corporate photography, senior photos, and what Erica calls “lifecycle photography,” where they start with a senior in high school, then photograph them for their engagement, wedding, first child, anniversary and so on. Erica said they intend to have long term relationships with their clients.

The pandemic threw them into a bit of a tailspin, where Erica felt she suddenly had a lot of time on her hands.

They started coaching because she wanted help prioritizing goals in the business.

She enjoys working with Ted Schmidt because she likes how he, “takes you as you are and wants to hear the challenges you are facing and he gives you practical applications; he can get really specific and he has a good mix of encouragement but also the kick you need to get going.”

They’ve been coaching since April and have seen improvements in systems development and marketing.

Deeper Dive 

What are some of the things you wanted to work on with business coaching?

Erica: Some of the decision paralysis when you are faced with more time than you know what to do with; when you have a laundry list of things that you don’t have a chance to get to; suddenly, during the virus, I found I had more time and wasn’t clear on my priorities. Do I focus on marketing, education, client retention, sales? 

What have you accomplished so far?

Erica: I made some major tweaks to my website, the calls-to-action, got blog going again, updated the portfolio, set up systems to better serve clients. Now I am working on additional marketing pieces, email marketing, lead generation, and partnerships with local businesses.

If you had to take a look at some key elements of ActionCOACH such as mastery, niche, leverage, team, synergy, results – where would you say your business is now?

Erica: I am in between mastery and niche.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Erica: Along the lines of other things I am actively working on, I am working on keeping the client base engaged, keeping us in the forefront that we are in this together. People who get married, have their first baby, anniversary – the entire life cycle – working beyond weddings, taking them through a journey; you start recognizing the entrance points in your client life cycle; when they have a baby, senior photos – high school seniors that turn in weddings.

Erica Jacobs, Jacobs Photography

Bob Jacobs, Jacobs Photography






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Jennifer Ferrero, APR, DTM
About the author,

Jennifer has been a business owner in several companies within the marketing, communications and public relations arena serving hundreds of clients over a 24 year career. She serves as a Business Development Manager for ActionCOACH Northwest and helps other business owners to grow and be successful through coaching and training programs.

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