Family Flooring Endeavor Highly Successful

“When you are on the floor all the time swinging a mallet, you don’t have time to look at margins,” Andy Yank, Brother’s Flooring

By Jennifer Ferrero, APR, DTM, business development manager

Andy and Tyler Yank, owners of Brother’s Flooring

Brothers Flooring started like a lot of businesses, by first working for another company to learn the ropes. Andy Yank had been working in fast food managing a Zip’s restaurant when his wife, at that time his girlfriend, Lisa introduced him to a flooring company.

Soon, when he found that he liked the work he brought his brother Tyler into the company as well. When the company they were working for decided to go out-of-business, Andy and Tyler decided they wanted to run their own business.

They started working as contractors to Lowe’s installing flooring for several years before they determined that they wanted to run their own direct-to-consumer business, instead of working as contractors.

Now the company has two locations, one in Spokane and a location in Post Falls. “Before the pandemic we were going gangbusters,” Andy said, “we were at capacity.”

They company provides flooring of all types from carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl tile and plank, cork and bamboo, and sheet vinyl. They also offer counter-tops.

They started coaching with Ted Schmidt and ActionCOACH in 2016 because, “When you are on the floor all the time swinging a mallet, you don’t have time to look at margins,” Andy said.

The brothers knew that they did not want to do the physical labor until they were 60, so they determined that they needed to know their numbers, and how to develop systems to leverage their time.

Some of the key systems they have worked on were pricing, scheduling, measuring, warehouse and delivery.

Andy Yank with the ActionCOACH Action Man award.

Andy said that the pricing development was a huge piece for them.

Now, Andy and Tyler are involved in working “on” the business. They meet with the customers and develop relationships while also providing estimates and ensuring that the customers are happy.

“Our philosophy is that this business is relationship based,” said Andy.

He feels confident that from start-to-finish, the process is seamless, “When we promise something to the customer, we know that our team will back us up and deliver.”

The company now has seven employees at the Spokane location and two at the Post Falls location, but they also have 11 sub-contractors working for them. Andy’s wife, Lisa, his brother Tyler, his mother-in-law, and brother-in-law all work in the business. They have 5,800 square feet with the office and warehouse in Spokane and operate out of one of Spokane’s oldest buildings.

Although business coaching has been a great move for Brother’s Flooring, Andy said it took him about six months before hiring Ted. They would meet up at the gym sometimes and Andy would ask Ted about ActionCOACH. He determined at some point it was time to seek help and hire Ted Schmidt as a coach.

Now they’ve seen success, they are ready to scale the company to add more of each of the key roles as they continue to build their brand and reputation in the community.

Brother’s Flooring is a local success story built one floor, and customer at a time with the help of Ted Schmidt and ActionCOACH Northwest.

Jennifer Ferrero, APR, DTM
About the author,

Jennifer has been a business owner in several companies within the marketing, communications and public relations arena serving hundreds of clients over a 24 year career. She serves as a Business Development Manager for ActionCOACH Northwest and helps other business owners to grow and be successful through coaching and training programs.

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